To put life into an inanimate object is the work of the exceptional. Evelyne Brader Frank, an eminent sculptor from Switzerland, was aware of what destiny had in store for her. Early in her life, she developed a fondness for designing sculptures. The mysterious story that a stone conceals under its coarse texture, fascinated Evelyne and instigated her interest.

Connecting with the Sculptures

Sculptures have a peculiarity of connecting to the audience directly and delivering important messages. Shaping rocks into the form of a female body is Evelyne’s most priced possession. She believes that the work which goes into the making of a sculpture is mostly done by the beautiful configuration of thoughts and ideas. The physical manifestation is just the effect of her thoughts.

A mesmerizing sculpture by Evelyne

The true significance of Sculptures

“Pondering, that the real beauty lies in the flow of her work, which when not disrupted, leads to the emergence of a mesmerizing figure”

The melodious curves carved into the rock, with a tinge of the passion, flow, and serenity, is the secret, makes her work so perceptible. The graceful arches made out of stone, represent in itself the beauty and sensitivity that human life possesses. From contemporary to classical sculptures, Evelyne has a forte in all of them.

Exploring different forms of Art

Evelyne is not just fascinated by sculptures she also loves trying her hand in all kinds of art and craft. As much as her sculptures have a story to narrate, she herself is fond of writing and directing plays.

A Sculpture representing a woman’s body

Source of Inspiration

Evelyne is a big fan of artists, who through their work enlighten the world with meaningful stories. She is enthralled by the work of Keith Haring whose paintings have a thing to be simple yet powerful. Another artist who she looks up to is Niki de Saint Phalle, whose sculptures artistry leaves her bewildered.

Different Sculptures made by Evelyne Brader Frank

A piece of Advice

“Giving up is never an option. Focus on what is coming, than what has sailed by”.

Tackling obstacles with optimism is going to help you reach your goal. Problems come and go, but the tough ones stand strong amidst the storm.  

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