Beauty with uniqueness often forms an art. Different art forms inspire our everyday life. Born and brought up in Belgium, with a vision to never give up and be unique, Shruti Jhaveri in the journey of life makes palette her imagination. She expresses her world through art.

Interacting with Mrs Twinkle Khanna
at a unique art charity initiative ” Breaking Barriers”.

The nature that inspired Shruti

Shruti has been inspired from culture to make art forms. It is the nature, everyday life and our own foundation that adds meaning to her art forms. She says, “People stumble over and forget the foundation given by parents. I use nature as mother earth with the foundation our parents gave us. So, I merge both, visualize and give out positivity to people’s home”.

Shruti believes in having positivity with everything done. Whatever is done should be with complete passion & transfer  positive energy where ever it goes. With no passion and energy an art has no point. She has a distinct style of working which makes her unique. Shruti shares that the education level in Belgium is completely different from that in India. In Belgium one gets the opportunity to study whatever they are good at. So Shruti was inclined towards art and got a chance to explore it since childhood.

A booth all set up By Shruti for the opening day of the ” Ace Lxe Design Show

Inclined towards ceramics, paintings, fine arts, graphics anything and almost everything that had to do with creativity had hands of Shruti.  This basic and strong foundation helped Shruti climb the ladder of success. She believes that when you have knowledge about every kind of art it can help you flourish because you know what to use where and when.

Experience that helped Shruti grow

Shruti says, “I have studied metal and I know how to make joints & alloys, so with the help of the basic principles learnt I easily put them to my art. I have just transferred technique which is known to the whole world with my own unique element which no one else in the world does”. She explains her struggle of reaching position of success. Coming out with uniqueness involves a lot of R & D, Shruti researched for 2-3 years as her entire collection is chemically treated. She worked with paper, plastic, wood which also helped her grab a lot of knowledge. She shares that all this knowledge helped her learn different techniques that can be used in different situations.

Art from the waste

The uniqueness in the art made by Shruti is her usage of waste paper which has been discarded by the companies. So she creates art out of waste and gives it back to the nature, as she believes in giving with positivity. She says, “I find waste material easily so I work from home with no need of machinery and turn the waste unique”. The art works by Shruti are extremely light so they are quite easy to be transported. She shares how coming out with this art form was a big break through though it involved a lot of struggle.

She says, “When you know your capabilities you keep pushing yourself for the best because you know you deserve the best”. Shruti’s art work got featured in CNBC 18 in the presence of Mr. Boman Irani, Mrs. Sania Mirza and many more celebrities. Though this was not the first time to get featured for Shruti but it was a complete honor. She says, “It’s always a great feeling when reporters come to me and tell me that my painting is so unique and different and they wish to put it up. I never say no to them because I want visibility as an artist and it is difficult for me to market myself. So I welcome with open arms whatever comes my way to help my art work gain visibility”.

Shruti Interacting with Actor Sharman Joshi at
” Revati Sharma Singh’s Grains of Antiquity at Art & Soul “

The birth of an artist

As an artist while you are just growing, the time is of struggle. Eventually over the years you grow and your experience as an artist helps you. But, your age matters and Shruti’s early education here helped her know timely where she stands. She says she was well aware about her level of work and didn’t want to be in the rat race as she wished to stand apart. To stand apart, you have to set your goals, know your identity and flourish. Shruti says, “ It’s always a good feeling to give back to the world, it’s an honor for me that wherever in the world my painting goes people know it’s me because no one else does this art form in the entire world.”.

Adding an air of nostalgia to living rooms with fragile terrains – Unique paper sculptures crafted to capture the age of innocence by Shruti

With paint as her toy and palette her imagination Shruti has been successfully expressing her inner world to the outer world. With leaving no stone unturned she puts in her heart and soul to bring out the best art. Where there no turning back we wish Shruti a lot more success for her uniqueness.

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