Art is not a cake walk; it is something one does with passion. Where the trending strokes on the canvas speak your heart and mind, it’s magical for everyone’s eyes. We excel in the wonders of creativity where definition of it varies. Your passion lets you do wonders just like Veronica Funk who loves vibrancy of colors and expresses them on her canvas.

Journey of being an artist

She started drawing at a very young age. While studying in the elementary she used to replicate images from the Archie comics. She says that her parents found her name initially from the comic itself as they had immigrated to Canada from South America. These comic books helped her mother learn English.

When I was a teenager my family moved from northern Manitoba, a beautiful place surrounded by the boreal forest and Churchill River, to Alberta where I took my first formal art classes in high school. At that time I was intimidated by color but once I began to learn about it, I was absolutely enamored with it. Then, after high school I studied Art & Design in college.

With ups and downs in her life she always turned herself to art to find solace. Depression, suicide and addiction were her family history and she thanks her art for being a savior. Whenever she felt anxious or overwhelmed she started working with her paints and felt better. Painting is like a meditation to Veronica as she paints she sees nothing expect the shapes and paints and their interaction.

Wings on the canvas

Veronica has been painting for 20 years from her home studio in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. While raising her family she has contributed to art and culture in her community and received complete support in her endeavour.

Throughout time my work has slowly evolved and changed with a focus on new subject matter or the addition of a new technique (the latest is the addition of an airbrush) though the color palette always remains the same.

The beginning of colorful Journey

Veronica’s art work is almost magnetic; you get attracted to it in no time. She was introduced to Georgia O’Keeffe in her college. Where realized then as to how dramatically colors can be used. She learnt how to stretch and prepare canvases and shares that it felt as if she found her ‘home’. After Veronica had her children her color palette became more vibrant.

Painting by Veronica Funk

Veronica finds inspiration for her art from the streets and the layers of vibrant colors. 

I love how colors influence each other and I love abstraction. I find that the way I work tends to lend itself well to a combination of abstract and recognizable subject matter. In this way, I get to experience the best of both worlds.

Veronica has tried her hand with ceramics, pyrography, printmaking, knitting and sewing. Ironically she found her husband while she was on her way to fashion in Toronto, though she didn’t go for the studies later. When she met her husband she was living in Manitoba and began to study with a painter through the Winnipeg Art Gallery. He pushed her to explore color even further. She believes that whatever we create can add joy and happiness in someone else’s life.

Inspiration Veronica Looks up to

Besides painting Veronica Funk loves to read books. She says that the variety of genres that she is exposed to have inspired few of her paintings too. A word or a phrase of a book inspires a title of a painting or has influenced a body of work. Lawren Harris and Emily Carr are the inspirations Veronica Funk look up at.

They have influenced me with their color usage and spiritual feeling in their works; Georgia O’Keeffe’s use of color and enlargement of her subject matter inspires me to capture a simplified image on larger canvases; and the layers and colors in graffiti have inspired my work for many years.

A dedication to all the women

With the mantra to never give up and trust the inner self Veronica has herself come a long way and advices others as well. We all have something to share and connect with always, which help us. For Veronica it was her passion that drew her towards painting, all one needs to do is to look at our inner self and climb the ladder of success.

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