Arundeep Singla – The man who conquered the cafe and pub business with one stroke!

Arundeep Singla, Managing Director, Brew Estate talks about his passion for business, and gives tips to budding future passionate entrepreneurs.

Please provide a brief overview of your product /service?
We are North India’s largest Microbrewery and emerging to be best Microbrewery in India. We are a Café by Day and Pub by Night. We sell craft beers and other meals at our 7 outlets in North India.

What inspired you to build the above product/service?
A need to change views of people about beers has majorly inspired us. We wanted to bring European culture of craft beers to India.

What was the most challenging part of your journey till now?
It was challenging to switch people to accept craft beers over common bottle bear culture.

How did you overcome initial mindset challenges?
We stood out to prove how worthy our product is and why you should jump on to this. This is how people found out our value.

According to you, what are the three qualities an individual must have to achieve success?
To me, It’s the Vision, Passion and out of the box thinking.

What is your life mantra?
My mantra is: A human should always work hard. No matter where are you now, Its only you who determines where you would be in upcoming years of life.

Which online tools/ services/ apps do you use the most and would like to recommend as well?
For purpose of making our brewery to be known by huge mass, we use Instagram. It has helped us a lot in a while. It’s the most handy tool in present moment.

Share any one habit which you think makes you more productive.
Meditating a few minutes in morning makes me productive. Meditation isolates you from chatters of busy mind and boost up your energy and productivity.

Share any one habit which you wish to change in yourself.
I am more concerned to change my bad eating habits. I am more of a foodie person. I am trying to control my daily calorie intake.

What are your plans for next 3 years?
In next 3 years, I envision myself having 100 international microbreweries and being India’s largest microbrewery.

If you get a chance to start your career again what would you do differently this time?
I will try to do things more by using the technology. Manual way of doing lots of things has become obsolete.

What are your top three getaway destinations?
My favorites are London, Paris and Switzerland.

Share a quote that inspires you the most.
This is the quote from Shahrukh’s movie ‘Om Shanti Om’: Whenever you want something from the core of your heart, the whole universe makes adjustments to make it pass for you.

Tejaswini Popli – The Bubbly Child artist you saw in the Punjabi Super hit movie Band Vaaje

A noted Italian educator Loris Malaguzzi once said, “Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears the resources of forms, material, sound and colors”. While children are given the freedom they start exploring their passion, in search of passion they search themselves.

Some children are born actors and some learn acting. We recently met Tejaswini Popli, daughter of a renowned PCS Officer of tricity & a hardworking well known teacher of tricity. Tejaswini acted in a Punjabi movie, “Band Vaaje” as a child artist that was released in March 2019.  Tejaswini says she wants to be an actor and it is her passion to not only do acting but also directing as she grows up.

As we interacted with Tejaswini she shared with us her experience of acting in her first film. She says, “It was like a dream coming true, I loved shooting in winters, dressing for the scenes. Of all the best part of the entire thing was the humble and caring actors I was surrounded with.”  

She thanked her parents for being her constant support and supporting in her decision of acting and appreciating her passion. Tejaswini explains that despite being away from school for shooting she managed to get above 90% in her final exams. She says, “My mother’s efforts helped me score well in my exams, she used to teach me on the sets while we were shooting so that my syllabus gets completed on time and I become successful in both the fields.”

Sharing with us about how she felt seeing herself on the screen, Tejaswini says she liked all her dialogues in the movie and herself. Though all the artists are her favorite, but she is her own favorite.

Meeting Tejaswini made us realize to the core of our heart as how important it is to have daughters at home. Her energy, positivity and enthusiasm was something that is worth praising. A small girl full of confidence and dreams sparkling in her eyes is indeed beautiful Tejaswini. She believes in the line, “Mein apni favorite hun” and hence pampers herself to the best.

We wish her more success in coming years and we wait to see her in the upcoming movies as well.

PUJA SETH, Artist from Chandigarh – PLAPP’S Featured Beautiful Minds.

She finds joy in painting and creating different forms of artwork. The more she creates, the more satiated she feels and realises one can never use up creativity; it only makes you grow. She is none other than our talented artist Puja.
She started painting as a kid and completed her diploma in fine arts. However owing to studies and then job, she had completely lost touch with art. Very soon she realised had heart only for art. Art was something in which she found solace and peace. Then painting happened to her again like a true lost love found again.

Talking about her inspiration Puja says, “Mr. Avinash who is a calligraphy master and a professor. The dedication and simplicity with which he breaks down the beautifully designed alphabets into sequences of strokes, is remarkable!”
She believes that you should keep learning at every stage of your life. Puja recently attended Skillshare, a beautiful platform for all artists. She’s trying to pick up brush lettering and calligraphy through it. For all other beautiful artists she advises, “Be in no rush to learn. When it’s Art, paint or create like you have all the time in the world for yourself. Put on your favourite music and just create, allow it to be funny, ugly, unpresentable or just a mess. But POUR IT ALL OUT, your stress, your pain, your anger or anxiety or just happiness.”

Art By Savi

Based out of the city beautiful Chandigarh, Savi is a full time artist who has always loved to draw since childhood. After graduating from the International Institute of Fashion Design with a bachelor’s in science, she got an opportunity to teach illustration and design which perhaps rekindled her lost desire to work as an artist. With time, Savi began to gain confidence to communicate using art as her language instead of just illustrating what anyone can easily photograph or see.

Savi says, “My current paintings are a reflection of my inner world, spiritual connection, the cosmos and even my daily life, sometimes even used to empower myself through not so good days.”
This super talented artist is still learning and exploring the something new everyday by currently studying Art Therapy. This not only mingled with her love and passion for human psychology and art, together. But also helped her in understanding her own workings as well.
This dedicated artist finds herself emotionally connected to alot of Frida Kahlo’s paintings. She appreciates the fact that Kahlo chose herself as her muse because she knew only herself, and wanted to better herself and Savi thinks too much emphasis is place on external materials and people these days to feel alive, worthy, and she inspires this budding talent each time to stay true to herself.

Savi remarks, “We only get better in what we are truly passionate about in life. Curiosity and passion are alot more important than anything else that is perceived to be naturally given to us. I also encourage to use art as your own personal language that you use to communicate with you own inner being and the world, and to not get lost in comparison. That is where the true joy of it lies.”

Seeza Bhardwaj – PLAPP’s Featured Master in Chandigarh

Seeza Bhardwaj , an IT engineer, mother and founder of The Green Loom often looked at the world and wondered if this is the kind of place she’d want her child to live in. From a very young age Seeza rejected the materialistic greed that enveloped society and drove it towards a frenzy of wanting more and more.

She says,“ What people need to learn and accept is that whatever you have is enough for you.It wasn’t until I became a mother myself, when I realised I needed to give my child a planet and future he thanks me for. I firmly believe we owe everything to the environment and the least we can do is live in a way that’s eco-friendly and benefits both mankind and the environment. We need to introspect and think, will my child thank me for this world around him?”

The Green Loom is a brand that aims at providing quality , organic and eco-friendly products to their customers , directly from the nature’s bounty. The products range from organic and preservative free food items , re-cycled paper products, cold pressed oils and beauty products.

“I mean if we talk about beauty who knows it better than the Dadis and Naanis of the world? They’ve been beautiful long before chemicals and synthetic substances took over the field of beauty and cosmetology. I was very young , and i remember watching this movie , Naayak, and I know it sounds funny but that movie inspired me. Not to become the CM for one day of course but that one person can change the world if he sets his mind to it. You see one has to start small. One person taking up eco-friendly alternatives can have a huge impact going forward. Ignorance can’t be an excuse for not caring about the planet we live on!”

A Master’s Tip to all fellow learners – A small change can be more powerful than people think.

Plapp’s Watercolor Painting Workshop Version 1.0

Plapp Workshop

Why pay for expensive paintings when u can paint yourself at Plapp’s Watercolour Painting Workshop for beginners!

We are all set to have Plapp’s Watercolor Painting Workshop Version 2.0, but let me walk you through what we had at Plapp’s Workshop Version 1.0. This  Water Colour Painting Workshop is sure to put the artist in you to work so that you create a lovely masterpiece for your decor!

Check out what you missed:

Let’s Say Hello To Our Instructor:

Plapp Watercolor Instructor
Plapp Watercolor Painting Instructor

The workshop started with the introduction round in which Team Plapp, participants, and instructors were introduced to each other. As the people were done with the introduction, the participants were given materials by the team, which were required to create the masterpieces:

  • Montval sheet
  • Watercolors, mixing pallete, brushes
  • Cardboard
  • Frame
  • And, a good vibe.

This  Water Colour Painting Workshop is sure to put the artist in you to work so that you create a lovely masterpiece for your decor!

Plapp watercolour painting workshop

Phase-1 (Strokes)

To start with, the instructor taught everyone the importance of strokes in the artwork. Why they were important and what do they reflect in a painting? Moreover, the required color consistency was also taught in the class.

Here is how strokes were taught to the participants:

Plapp Workshop
Strokes In Process

Plapp Events
Color Consistency In Process

Coloring In Process
Coloring In Process

Plapp watercolour workshop

Phase-2 (Ice-Breaker session)

Plapp believes in enriching lives and also help you connect with like-minded people. An ice-break session was conducted in which people shared smiles and came more to know about each other.

Plapp watercolour workshop
Ice-Breaker Session

And, as people were knowing each, the team made sure that everyone had their Pizza and a refreshing mojito.

Plapp Watercolor Event
Ice-Breaker Session

Phase-3 (Another Masterpiece Was Created)

Well, it ain’t over yet!

Plapp Watercolor 1.0
Work in Progress

There was another structure which was to be painted. During the painting of this structure, next level of strokes and shades were taught.

Plapp Watercolor Workshop

Created for beginners, this workshop will not only equip you with the basics of watercolor Painting but also make you feel that you can do it!

Final Results

Plapp Watercolor Workshop
Final Results Part-1

Plapp Workshop
Another One

Final Results Part-3
Fam Bam!

Get your friends along to experience the elaborate party that’s not just about food, but also about endless colors, ideas, and gossip!

Plapp Watercolor Painting Workshop
Plapp Watercolor Painting Workshop Version 2.0

Charges: Rs. 1200

Inclusions: All art material and unlimited snacks and beverages.

So leave your tensions at home, and indulge in this tasty therapeutic experience!

Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop 1.0

Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop

Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop

Have you always dreamt of making beautiful and way tie and Dye Merchandise? But have always fallen short of information, material or resources?

Well, we get you! With Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, we give you a chance to have a hands-on learning of tie and dye techniques crafting fabrics the world celebrates!

Plapp’s Indigo Tie & Dye Workshop 1.0

In Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, you will learn how to create different patterns with Indigo Tie & Dye and make these classy cushion covers to bring a different element into your house decor!

Here is what we did in our previous workshop.

Phase-1 We gathered around 15 like-minded people and called them up at “THE TEASPOON GARDEN AND CAFE.”

Plapp Instructor
Plapp Instructor

Plapp Instructor Tie and Dye
Plapp Instructor Tie and Dye

PHASE-2 Our two formally trained TIE AND DYE instructors explained what is TIE and DYE, and the different patterns that could be made out of it.

Tie and Dye Technique
Tie and Dye Technique 1

Tie and Dye Technique 2
Tie and Dye Technique 2


Tie and Dye
Tie and Dye Technique 3

Tie and Dye Techniques
Tie and Dye Technique 4

PHASE-3 During Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, 5 different TIE and DYE techniques were taught to every individual.


PHASE-4 As the designs were ready, professional dyers and artists were there to help you INDIGO dye your fabrics.

And, the final results were no less than AMAZING!

Plapp Tie and Dye results

Plapp Tie and Dye
Work in Progress

Plapp Tie and Dye

Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop
Happy Face Spotted

And, at last, we also have our-


With this session, we help you know your peers, while we serve you with the best of delicious knick-knacks.

Plapp Ice break session

During Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, all materials and refreshments included. Be it dyes, thread or tying materials, we provide you everything at the spot.

Plapp Tie and Dye
If you would also like to be a part of the workshop, join us for our another workshop happening this weekend, July’12 at Lumos Coco, Near Elante Mall, Chandigarh.

Register at now or Contact 9814312459 for any queries.



Plapp’s Plate Paint Party, Chandigarh-Look What You Missed!

Plapp's Plate Paint Party

Relax Ladies! Why pay for expensive home decor when you can create it at a party with your close friends? Come see, what we did at the last Plapp’s Plate Paint Party.

Here is what you’ve missed!

Plapp's Plate Paint Party

This Is How The Paint Party Started:

Plapp’s Plate Paint Party was a span for a duration of 2-3 hours and was divided into 2- 3 phases. Two of their formally trained art instructors conducted the entire event.

Plapp Plate Paint Party Instructors

Introduction with PLAPP and Coffee time.

Plapp's Instructors

Phase 1- Step by step session on how to create your masterpiece.

Plapp Paint Paint Party

Plapp Paint Paint Party

Phase 2- You could choose from any of the designs that interest you.

Plapp Paint Paint Party

A. Doodle

Plapp Paint Paint Party Chandigarh
B. Abstract {splatter}
C. Folk art

Plate Paint Party, Boathouse, Elante
That look when you are done with one phase.

D. Spiritual art therapy – Colours and Art are a very interesting combination to cure stress.

Plapp Paint Paint Party
Color Mixing In Action

Here is what our participants did:


Chandigarh Plate Paint Party
Paint Party In Process

Plapp's Plate Paint Party Chandigarh
Another Plate In Process

Phase 3- While you are busy making your art pieces, Plapp makes sure that we know our peers as well. Then, comes the Ice Break Section in action.

Ice break session

So now, after the Plapp’s Plate Paint Party, you will not only have a masterpiece with you but can find a friend or a two as well.

Phase 4- Creation of your masterpiece followed by unlimited snacks and beverages!

Plapp's Plate Painting Workshop

only at just 1600/- (Yes! Of course, everything is included)

And, the final results were no less than amazing!

Plate Painting Workshop designs

So leave your worries at home, and indulge in this tasteful therapeutic experience!

Plapp's Plate Paint Party
Participants with their Painted Masterpieces

Plate Paint Party, Boathouse
Yes, we had a superhero too!

This plate paint party is sure to put the artist in you to work so that you create a lovely masterpiece for your decor, while we serve you some delectable food.

Plapp's Plate Paint Party

Once you are done with the Plate Painting Party, it’s made sure that you are “certified !” too.

Plapp Plate Paint Party Certificate Distribution

Plapp certificate distribution

So what are you waiting for?

Eat from one plate and paint another one! Sounds like fun?

You might have missed this party, but we have another one waiting for you! Our next PLATE PAINT PARTY is happening on July’7 at Lumos Coco (Near Elante Mall!)

Click here to register now!

Get your friends along to experience the elaborate party that’s not just about tingling those taste buds, but also about the myriad of colors, ideas, and gossip!

Creative Writing Workshop in Chandigarh!- Plapp Review

Creative Writing Workshop in Chandigarh!

Powered by Plapp!

 If you are a writing bee and prefer to pen down your every second thought, you probably might have heard of

 “The Anonymous Writer!”

 I mean like- who hasn’t? It is simply one of India’s fastest growing writing platforms. But have you ever thought of learning from the writers from The Anonymous Writer?

Well, I did not until I came across

Yes!Plapp– The coolest startup in Chandigarh that connects you with like-minded people, while you find your passion and indulge in your favorite delicacies!

So, to start with, I joined the Plapp’s Creative WritingWorkshop! And the experience is not worth any combination of 26 letters. But I attended the writing workshop, so I am supposed to write, right?

Who host the workshop?

The workshop was hosted by the collaboration of Plapp with the two writers from “The Anonymous Writer!”

The duration of the workshop was around 4 hours, and I sometimes wonder how that time passed by! The team equipped us with the basics of writings and left us like some storytellers in our very own way!

From reading the paintings to reading in between the lines, writing for word and sentence prompts, nanotales, microtales, I almost learned everything in that time span.

Not only this, I found so many people with same interest as mine, and got along with them in no time- Thanks to the ice-breaking session!

(Is there anything better than connecting with the like-minded people that too on a free weekend?)

 The whole workshop was no less than amazing! And left me with skills and experience that will live with me forever!

It does not end here! We were also given a chance to be featured on “The Anonymous Writer” page, and a direct submission, anytime you’d write something that works for them!

Isn’t it cool? Also, a workshop certificate is coming your way!

So next time, you are in Chandigarh, looking for something to do on a free weekend, browse through http://www.plapp.inand find a class for you today!

And, in case, if you’d love to transform your words into art, go join another workshop in Chandigarh

Shifali Garg.