PUJA SETH, Artist from Chandigarh – PLAPP’S Featured Beautiful Minds.

She finds joy in painting and creating different forms of artwork. The more she creates, the more satiated she feels and realises one can never use up creativity; it only makes you grow. She is none other than our talented artist Puja.
She started painting as a kid and completed her diploma in fine arts. However owing to studies and then job, she had completely lost touch with art. Very soon she realised had heart only for art. Art was something in which she found solace and peace. Then painting happened to her again like a true lost love found again.

Talking about her inspiration Puja says, “Mr. Avinash who is a calligraphy master and a professor. The dedication and simplicity with which he breaks down the beautifully designed alphabets into sequences of strokes, is remarkable!”
She believes that you should keep learning at every stage of your life. Puja recently attended Skillshare, a beautiful platform for all artists. She’s trying to pick up brush lettering and calligraphy through it. For all other beautiful artists she advises, “Be in no rush to learn. When it’s Art, paint or create like you have all the time in the world for yourself. Put on your favourite music and just create, allow it to be funny, ugly, unpresentable or just a mess. But POUR IT ALL OUT, your stress, your pain, your anger or anxiety or just happiness.”

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