Culinary is yet another art that is not easy to excel in. It takes years and years for the best of dishes to reach the plates. Cooking or baking is a science which if understood properly would never be difficult.  Chef Amaury Guichon, a world-renowned pastry chef too understood the science behind his baking and is now teaching the world the skills of pastry making.

The journey of the king of pastries

Amaury Guichon grew up in the Haute-Savoie region of France. A region that is neighboring the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Ever since the early age Amaury Guichon was proving very creative and manual. The interest towards creativity was more than the classic school curriculum, which he left at 14 for vocational school.

For two years he studied cooking in Thonon-les-Bains, France, after which he felt attracted by pastry and went on for a two-year apprenticeship in Geneva, Switzerland. During this time he won a number of local showpiece contests, along with several internships that helped him earn the recommendation of seasoned chefs. After this he wished to deepen his knowledge of pastry at the prestigious Maison LenĂ´tre in Paris, France. Followed by this, in the year 2010, he was named one of the best apprentices in the Paris region by the MOF organization, not being allowed to run for the national distinction.

The teaching career

Prior to realizing his passion for teaching, Chef Amaury reached executive chef level at the age of 21 at Hugo and Victor in Paris, France. Shortly after he was invited to participate in the first televised pastry competition in France where he was placed 3rd. This experience gave Amaury the opportunity to make his dream of moving to the United States a reality where he was able to develop his skills, style, and techniques which quickly gave him notoriety on social media platforms. Shortly after moving to the United States Chef Amaury realized he loved interacting with people who shared his passions, and that lead to his new career in teaching master classes around the world. Now, Chef Amaury has decided to open a Pastry Academy in Las Vegas, NV and is excited to share what he has to offer.

Following the success of his videos, Amaury started his own company to consult and teach classes to professionals all over the world. He set up a series of Masterclass and to date, has taught in Russia, Mexico, Ukraine, Sardinia, Paris, Bangkok, Malaysia, Las Vegas, Chicago, Singapore, Italy, Mexico, Greece, Beijing, Melbourne, Charlotte, Indonesia, Bucharest, London, Barcelona and Taiwan.

World away from work

Amaury by nature is a very intuitive person and is guided in his creations by his various inspirations, his sense of aesthetics and the love of quality execution. Outside of work he lives a quiet life during which he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Fiona, cooking together at home, and going to restaurants with their close friends.

The world has a lot to share and learn. With such passionate artists like Amaury, a life is small to learn. While they leave no stone unturned to succeed in their passion they motivate many to look out for their passionate art and excel.

Check out the creative work of Amaury on his Instagram page, this would truly force you to grab your piece of cake

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