Based out of the city beautiful Chandigarh, Savi is a full time artist who has always loved to draw since childhood. After graduating from the International Institute of Fashion Design with a bachelor’s in science, she got an opportunity to teach illustration and design which perhaps rekindled her lost desire to work as an artist. With time, Savi began to gain confidence to communicate using art as her language instead of just illustrating what anyone can easily photograph or see.

Savi says, “My current paintings are a reflection of my inner world, spiritual connection, the cosmos and even my daily life, sometimes even used to empower myself through not so good days.”
This super talented artist is still learning and exploring the something new everyday by currently studying Art Therapy. This not only mingled with her love and passion for human psychology and art, together. But also helped her in understanding her own workings as well.
This dedicated artist finds herself emotionally connected to alot of Frida Kahlo’s paintings. She appreciates the fact that Kahlo chose herself as her muse because she knew only herself, and wanted to better herself and Savi thinks too much emphasis is place on external materials and people these days to feel alive, worthy, and she inspires this budding talent each time to stay true to herself.

Savi remarks, “We only get better in what we are truly passionate about in life. Curiosity and passion are alot more important than anything else that is perceived to be naturally given to us. I also encourage to use art as your own personal language that you use to communicate with you own inner being and the world, and to not get lost in comparison. That is where the true joy of it lies.”

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