Creative Writing Workshop in Chandigarh!- Plapp Review

Creative Writing Workshop in Chandigarh!

Powered by Plapp!

 If you are a writing bee and prefer to pen down your every second thought, you probably might have heard of

 “The Anonymous Writer!”

 I mean like- who hasn’t? It is simply one of India’s fastest growing writing platforms. But have you ever thought of learning from the writers from The Anonymous Writer?

Well, I did not until I came across

Yes!Plapp– The coolest startup in Chandigarh that connects you with like-minded people, while you find your passion and indulge in your favorite delicacies!

So, to start with, I joined the Plapp’s Creative WritingWorkshop! And the experience is not worth any combination of 26 letters. But I attended the writing workshop, so I am supposed to write, right?

Who host the workshop?

The workshop was hosted by the collaboration of Plapp with the two writers from “The Anonymous Writer!”

The duration of the workshop was around 4 hours, and I sometimes wonder how that time passed by! The team equipped us with the basics of writings and left us like some storytellers in our very own way!

From reading the paintings to reading in between the lines, writing for word and sentence prompts, nanotales, microtales, I almost learned everything in that time span.

Not only this, I found so many people with same interest as mine, and got along with them in no time- Thanks to the ice-breaking session!

(Is there anything better than connecting with the like-minded people that too on a free weekend?)

 The whole workshop was no less than amazing! And left me with skills and experience that will live with me forever!

It does not end here! We were also given a chance to be featured on “The Anonymous Writer” page, and a direct submission, anytime you’d write something that works for them!

Isn’t it cool? Also, a workshop certificate is coming your way!

So next time, you are in Chandigarh, looking for something to do on a free weekend, browse through http://www.plapp.inand find a class for you today!

And, in case, if you’d love to transform your words into art, go join another workshop in Chandigarh

Shifali Garg. 

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