Plapp’s Plate Paint Party, Chandigarh-Look What You Missed!

Plapp's Plate Paint Party

Relax Ladies! Why pay for expensive home decor when you can create it at a party with your close friends? Come see, what we did at the last Plapp’s Plate Paint Party.

Here is what you’ve missed!

Plapp's Plate Paint Party

This Is How The Paint Party Started:

Plapp’s Plate Paint Party was a span for a duration of 2-3 hours and was divided into 2- 3 phases. Two of their formally trained art instructors conducted the entire event.

Plapp Plate Paint Party Instructors

Introduction with PLAPP and Coffee time.

Plapp's Instructors

Phase 1- Step by step session on how to create your masterpiece.

Plapp Paint Paint Party

Plapp Paint Paint Party

Phase 2- You could choose from any of the designs that interest you.

Plapp Paint Paint Party

A. Doodle

Plapp Paint Paint Party Chandigarh
B. Abstract {splatter}
C. Folk art

Plate Paint Party, Boathouse, Elante
That look when you are done with one phase.

D. Spiritual art therapy – Colours and Art are a very interesting combination to cure stress.

Plapp Paint Paint Party
Color Mixing In Action

Here is what our participants did:


Chandigarh Plate Paint Party
Paint Party In Process

Plapp's Plate Paint Party Chandigarh
Another Plate In Process

Phase 3- While you are busy making your art pieces, Plapp makes sure that we know our peers as well. Then, comes the Ice Break Section in action.

Ice break session

So now, after the Plapp’s Plate Paint Party, you will not only have a masterpiece with you but can find a friend or a two as well.

Phase 4- Creation of your masterpiece followed by unlimited snacks and beverages!

Plapp's Plate Painting Workshop

only at just 1600/- (Yes! Of course, everything is included)

And, the final results were no less than amazing!

Plate Painting Workshop designs

So leave your worries at home, and indulge in this tasteful therapeutic experience!

Plapp's Plate Paint Party
Participants with their Painted Masterpieces

Plate Paint Party, Boathouse
Yes, we had a superhero too!

This plate paint party is sure to put the artist in you to work so that you create a lovely masterpiece for your decor, while we serve you some delectable food.

Plapp's Plate Paint Party

Once you are done with the Plate Painting Party, it’s made sure that you are “certified !” too.

Plapp Plate Paint Party Certificate Distribution

Plapp certificate distribution

So what are you waiting for?

Eat from one plate and paint another one! Sounds like fun?

You might have missed this party, but we have another one waiting for you! Our next PLATE PAINT PARTY is happening on July’7 at Lumos Coco (Near Elante Mall!)

Click here to register now!

Get your friends along to experience the elaborate party that’s not just about tingling those taste buds, but also about the myriad of colors, ideas, and gossip!