Art has unique forms to showcase from painting and drawing on the canvas to working or threads or wood. Creativity is at its best when it comes to an artist. A true passionate artist always comes out with unique forms to amuse his audience and such is Felix Semper, an artist who showcases his love for sculptures.

The beginning of journey

Felix realized his unique passion while he was working in a print shop where he would cut paper and enjoy how each paper formed different designs. This minutest of notice today has become a passion for him. His job then has now flourished into a dream of success. With trying his hands on various kinds of sculpture, Felix believes that everything is possible with strong will. He says, “The most challenging is a sculpture that resembles someone, it has to be done right or it won’t look like the person and it is very time consuming.” Apart from making beautiful sculptures and beautifying his passion Felix loves to travel to draw his inspiration from different cultures and scenery around.

To be recognized as an artist is a dream everybody makes. The passion of an artist makes them succeed and grow higher and higher. While everyone looks a scope of improvement an artist always finds his way on his own. Felix has been experimenting and trying new techniques and ideas with his art. He believes that no matter where one reaches there always is some scope to learn and improve.

Tips for aspiring artists

Every artist is an inspiration for many who look up to him. Felix finds his inspiration in what’s around him and the people and places that surround. While he looks up to people for inspiration he shares his tip for the aspiring artists and says, be yourself look deep inside your soul and bring out that creativity and manifested in whatever medium you choose.”

An artist is always unique and leaves a lot of things for his fellows to learn from.  Those like Felix are true artists of uniqueness and extra ordinary skills who leave a strong impact on the rest.

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