A noted Italian educator Loris Malaguzzi once said, “Children need the freedom to appreciate the infinite resources of their hands, their eyes and their ears the resources of forms, material, sound and colors”. While children are given the freedom they start exploring their passion, in search of passion they search themselves.

Some children are born actors and some learn acting. We recently met Tejaswini Popli, daughter of a renowned PCS Officer of tricity & a hardworking well known teacher of tricity. Tejaswini acted in a Punjabi movie, “Band Vaaje” as a child artist that was released in March 2019.  Tejaswini says she wants to be an actor and it is her passion to not only do acting but also directing as she grows up.

As we interacted with Tejaswini she shared with us her experience of acting in her first film. She says, “It was like a dream coming true, I loved shooting in winters, dressing for the scenes. Of all the best part of the entire thing was the humble and caring actors I was surrounded with.”  

She thanked her parents for being her constant support and supporting in her decision of acting and appreciating her passion. Tejaswini explains that despite being away from school for shooting she managed to get above 90% in her final exams. She says, “My mother’s efforts helped me score well in my exams, she used to teach me on the sets while we were shooting so that my syllabus gets completed on time and I become successful in both the fields.”

Sharing with us about how she felt seeing herself on the screen, Tejaswini says she liked all her dialogues in the movie and herself. Though all the artists are her favorite, but she is her own favorite.

Meeting Tejaswini made us realize to the core of our heart as how important it is to have daughters at home. Her energy, positivity and enthusiasm was something that is worth praising. A small girl full of confidence and dreams sparkling in her eyes is indeed beautiful Tejaswini. She believes in the line, “Mein apni favorite hun” and hence pampers herself to the best.

We wish her more success in coming years and we wait to see her in the upcoming movies as well.

One thought on “Tejaswini Popli – The Bubbly Child artist you saw in the Punjabi Super hit movie Band Vaaje”

  1. Tejaswini is definitely a gifted child with her charm and intelligence alike.
    Besides being a great child actor she is very jovial and witty of her age.
    Wish her all the luck for success in all her endeavors…

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