An artist has a unique way of showing his love for the art. By starting from the scratch to innovating new things he does his best to showcase his talent. By doing just their best and being satisfied is the main goal of any passionate artist. Colors and hands form a unique bond and the strokes communicate the artist. One such artist is Jeff Sullivan whose strokes speak for him on the canvas.

The colorful journey of Jeff

Ever since a child Jeff has been active in the art, music and visual art. This speaks for his unique imagination and the unlimited ideas he showcases. He believed and desired to utilize this infinite wellspring and transferring that information into forms of creative expression thereby making his life worth living.

Over the years of being involved and often consumed by my dedication, perpetually practicing, and pushing the envelope has helped refine my relationship with this craft and relationship with my art.

The vibrancy that Jeff showcases in his art comes from the love for colors and the chromatic nature of the spectrum. The array of intense color that nature produces is at the core of all the work that he does. Most of his work is an honoring of gratitude for being able to see and touch the world, which he considers his blessing from god. Jeff has not just restricted himself to art but has tried many things over the years such as learning various musical instruments outside his cultural parameters like tabla and frame drum. 

The Challenges of an artist

Jeff has established a name for himself. The journey like many artists wasn’t simple for him as well.

Every aspect of my journey in this field has been exciting and inspiring for me.  Peripheral ARTeries which is a contemporary art magazine from Europe was my first publication. Being able to excel in it was an inspiration in itself.

Being a successful artist is a difficult job. With creativity and balance between the responsibilities and artistic time one attains the true success.

This is a difficult process and more often than not the job or work is the antithesis of what they feel they should be doing. This conflict can cause a sort of inner turmoil and has lead to the collapse of many artistic dreams.

Most of the artistic pieces of Jeff arise from the space that is created in meditation. An artist like him looks within for some sort of creative navigation. Rest of his inspirations can be culmination of experiences ranging from music to paintings, nature walks , a kiss or hug from a loved one, his sons sense of humor or his daughters wildly creative imagination.

Tips for the young artists

An artist reaches the heights of the career and leaves behind a lot of things for the generations to learn. Sharing his genuine advice and tip for the young artists Jeff suggests them to hold on to their vision. Honor it, develop it, refine it, and when the time is right, share it. 

What you do matters because it can only be created by you. There will only be one you in all of creation. Your particular creative ripple holds the potential for great things.

Success of an artist has fruits of his struggle. It is the struggle for the passion that makes one reach heights. Jeff Sullivan is one of those artists who have shown the colors of his success in his art no matter what came his way.

With no stone unturned Jeff is indeed a true inspiration of all the young artists.

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One thought on “Colors on the canvas by Jeff Sullivan”

  1. Jeff is the most passionate person, about all things. He is the nicest young man you ever want to meet me. Very intelligent and deep in his thoughts. Loses me at times. I love Jeff and am very proud of the man he has become. He is my nephew and has always been my favorite. His work is amazing. I don’t know where he gets his ideas but they’re awesome. Continued success to you Jeff.

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