Some wish to stay in the cocoon of life while others wish to move out of it for better. Everyone wishes to fly with their wings spread across and fulfill their dreams of passion. Stuck in a 9 to 5 job many artists are on a look out for their passion. Kashish Mahajan is one of those artists who found a sense of peace and happiness after working on her passion of art leaving the mundane job.

The Journey of the artist

An architect by profession, she found herself stuck in the 9 to 5 job circle just after completing her bachelors. She always had a knack for art and creativity which made her follow her dream and passion. This creativity was the reason of her choosing Architecture in the first place.

Though I chose being an architect I felt stuck, I started drawing again in the evenings after I came back from office and started posting my art online so that I have a reason to feel obligated to draw again the next day!

Art is something that can easily cheer up a soul and connect with people. Kashish grew her fascination and slowly, she started getting a few orders online and also started teaching art workshops with PLAPP and a few other independent events.

She had the honor of getting invited by JW Marriott for an art event and subsequently by Joshi Autozone to paint their E Class Mercedes car for a promotional event.

All of this made her happy and people started recognizing her work. Her products got so much recognition that she started shipping her products across the country.

Challenges that made her reach heights

With lot of patience and hard work Kashish says,

It has been 2 years of lots and lots of patience, hard work, consistency, late nighters and a lot of phone calls! I was always a very shy and conservative girl and to have come out of my comfort zone has been a major challenge!

Transitions like these helped her become confident to make her start her own architecture and interior design studio!

Her confidence grew in abundance and now she handles various interior design projects in and around the Tricity area of Chandigarh! Kashish feels blessed with the work that feeds her passion.

I believe in the beauty of the journey rather than the destination and right now I am totally enjoying this rollercoaster ride that my life is!

It might look easy from the outside, but creating content, editing, uploading and managing Instagram handle, taking orders, preparing, packaging, shipping it and taking care of all the customizations from clients single-handedly is an uphill task! Kashish feels proud that she handles it all well in a go smoothly along with her mother.

Kashish is an inspiration for all of us, but she finds her inspiration in many. Angel Bedi (The Filmy Owl), Neha Sharma (Neha Doodles), Sadhika Gupta (Delhi Doodler), Trupti Karjinni (Blue Pine Arts) and many more have inspired her to reach the ladder she is in.

It’s these pretty extra ordinary ladies who taught me that you could have wings and you could fly too! They have reached heights of success only by their continuous hard work, perseverance and sheer talent! Not only are they great artists, they are excellent business women too and have managed to create their own individual empires (however big or small).

Inspirational artist

Young but capable to handle a beautiful empire makes Kashish share her tip for the young artist.

Do not try to rush things. Art is an organic process and it should be fun!! No one gets it perfect on the first attempt! You need to learn to love your flaws and mistakes and embrace them as a part of your journey.

Kashish leaves many things for us to learn from. With just no looking back she has single handedly come a long and made a beautiful and colorful mark for herself all by her will and passion. Artists like her make the world look beautiful and makes us dream beautifully.

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