Instagram makeup has entered a new era of inspiration. With Halloween approaching this week, makeup is all I saw on my explore page. From bejewelled eyelids and cat-eye flicks, to exposed fangs and green cheekbones, scouring through Instagram made me want to attend a Halloween party this time.

This is when I came across a galatic look by the UK based makeup artist, Amber Roughley. Even if you don’t want to dress up this time, her makeup looks are bound to change your mind.

Galatic look by Amber Roughley

Every time I come across somebody new, I simply cannot resist appreciating their artwork. However there was something about her that made me want to know her story. Luckily enough for me, she decided to share her journey on our page. 

Stepping stones

Always having a flair for makeup, Amber vividly recalls a childhood incident where her inclination towards makeup started right in her mother’s makeup bag.

My mum always did her makeup beautifully when I was a little girl. I used to sit on her bed and watch her get ready in awe.

Destiny paving Amber’s way as a makeup artist

But as she grew up, she branched out into the world of criminal psychology. However, she realised that she was stuck in an unhappy place and wasn’t moving forward. As a teen,  she struggled with body confidence and mental health problems that resulted in her dropping out of psychology. 

The bloody bunny

Finding herself with no qualification, she tried to figure out what her next step should be. However walking an ordinary career path simply wasn’t appealing to her. This is when she had an epiphany of heading into the beauty industry. 

 One day while scrolling through instagram I saw the amount of makeup posts which had SLAMMED my newsfeed & explore page. I realised I needed something that I thoroughly enjoyed & would love to have as my career.

Weerwolf look by Amber for Halloween


Soon through word of mouth and social media’s power, people started approaching Amber. She believed the floodgates of what she could achieve had opened for her. Ever since she has been making the most of every opportunity. 

Halloween look nu Amber roughley
Wednesday Adams by Amber Roughley

I’ve struggled with my self worth too much in the past & this industry has helped me re-build that part of myself. I will never get bored of the endless opportunities and colours, creative styles & looks you can achieve being a part of the makeup world.

It’s been full steam ahead ever since, as she continues to conquer the beauty realm and leave her mark in the industry. Behind the inspiration of this successful makeup artist , is her profound admiration for Australian make-up artist, Brookelle Mckenzie.

 Amassing more than 14,000 followers on her Instagram, she is living a life consumed by makeup and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

We wish this superwoman more power to rule the world!

To check out more such beautiful looks by Amber, visit her Instagram page

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