Inspiration of a passionate artist is always within them self. Fighting all the odds they set an example for many aspiring artists. Challenges faced while climbing the ladder of success aren’t easy but it is the motivation that keeps them alive. Marzia Palomba is one of those inspiring artist who one looks up to for motivation.

Journey of Marzia towards success

Born with spina bifida Marzia was restricted from going out and was home bound. Spending most of the time home gave her a chance to explore her inner passion. She discovered her love for drawing and started making the same her strength. Eventually art became her passion and then her very own profession. By trial and error Marzia started teaching herself to become a true professional.

For many yet to be discovered artists Marzia is an inspiration to motivate ourselves. She says, “There are many artists that inspire me to this day, one of them would be Van Gogh. I love his view of the world. Every person sees their surroundings in a different way and therefore everyone has a unique perspective. He transformed his pain into art and it reminds me that art is there for you and can help you deal with your emotions”.

Tips for aspiring artists

Sharing her values and suggestion for the future artists Marzia says that even when it seems like you’re not improving, don’t give up! Every little step brings you closer to your goal. Set yourself a schedule and try to work on your art every day, even just for a few minutes. Enjoy your art journey and let your creativity shine.

An encounter with artists who have fought theirs odds to achieve success in their passion is always precious. Marzia Palomba is one of those inspiring artist who has left no stone unturned for her. Knowing her weakness she found her strength and achieved success. She indeed is a true inspiration for young artists who are looking for motivation in their passion.

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