Rap music is timeless, it can take any shape or form, from the party all the way to propaganda. It is more than just finding a catchy beat and writing lyrics in a flow to it. Conjuring up different pronunciations of a word to fit a narrative is a little something that makes rap music how great it is today. All this has given upcoming rapper the right audience to show their talent

“For a dreamer, the night’s the only time of day.” – The Weeknd

Ayushya Dhir, who goes by the name F8L is one of the well known upcoming rappers of Chandigarh. An alumni of St. John’s high school, Chandigarh, Ayushya is a self-taught rapper who takes his inspiration from the late rapper Mac Miller and hip hop /r&b artist, The Weekend.

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A 15-year-old boy who wrote merely to vent out his emotions, changed his journey when he turned his weakness into his strength. The inception of becoming a rapper wasn’t easy. His day in and day out vocal practice even led him to lose his voice on certain days.

“I would lock in my room, keep writing on my notepads, and keep recording on my laptop, sometimes 3-4 days straight without sleep,” says Ayushya

Complacency is fatal yet F8L is not complacent

There was no stopping for this rapper who knew he was in the right and kept it coming. It wasn’t until late 2017 that he started getting the recognition he deserved. After 3 years of inhibited hard work, he came up with his first music video in 2018 titled “Really? Yeah”. He received an immense amount of appreciation and got a whole plethora of new fans. In addition, numerous newspaper spreads like The Tribune and The Indian Express critically acclaimed his work.

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His verve as a rapper has only been growing ever since. It has been his nongeneric approach towards life, which helped him articulate his dream. Some nights he loses a fortune of sleep to conquer the big blue sky waiting for him just behind the clouds.

The journey to the top hasn’t been easy and he’s still finding his feet but he’s on the come up. Ayushya asks his readers to not become complacent over little achievements in life and thrive in the eye of the storm.

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