Uniqueness makes every artist stronger and extra ordinary. It’s the skill of every artist that makes them special with their passion. Omar Wysong is one of those unique artists who work on his passion with the discarded rusty items of the desert. Artists like him make us look within ourselves to seek the real passion.

The unique journey of the metal artist

Omar Wysong has a unique story of his success. He started out by selling imported home decor at swap meets and outdoor markets in Los Angeles. While on the work some of the metal work that he was selling really caught his attention. Left spellbound with the unique artistic of metals he was immediately left drawn and intrigued by it. This encounter forced him to create his own piece of art. There Omar was on the youtube checking out videos on how to weld. He found the discarded rusty metal in the desert and gave it a shot. Creating the first was of course not easy but he soon presented his first sculpture in the market and it was sold. This gave him more courage and he started making anything he could think from the deserts of the American.

Plants and animals became my inspiration. As time has gone by I’ve continued to create and experiment with desert, urban and abstract themes and at times blending them.


Omar shares that he believes in bringing out his own perception rather than unnecessarily trying to imitate nature. What matters is how he sees and knowing that nature’s subtle and masterful creations can never be duplicated. They are rather interpreted by our human relationship to it and color is a good translator.

I try to utilize the vibrant colors nature provides us to communicate the feel and perception of the object whether it’s an agave, prickly pear, water tower or abstract object.

The challenging journey

He hasn’t climbed the ladder by missing any step, it has been a challenging journey and Omar found himself excelling after dirtying his hands on a lot of things. He learned his art from the self reliance of nature as well as the hustle of urban life. Omar explored his art through the desert and city where he likes to get out and in it and immerse himself.

I Accept it for what it is and attempt to integrate what I’ve learned from those settings into my work. So I suppose I’m still dirtying my hands and remaining a student.


Tips for the young artists

Omar is an artist who creates the best out of the waste. He indeed is an inspiration for many of us today. But like all artists he as well reached these heights by inspiration of others.

It’s always inspiring to see today’s artist pushing the envelope with their creations which inspires me to want to keep creating new works and exploring. I’m also a big fan of the great masters of the past, to name a few Picasso, Chamberlain, Nevelson, Purifoy and many others I look up to.

For those who look upto him for inspiration and motivation he suggests them to just go for it and don’t stop creating art, if it’s not today it could be tomorrow you work as an artist. Live your dreams and create your paradise.


Artists like Omar have a unique story of their passion and art. Knowing artists like them is a pure bliss for those seeking motivation and inspiration. Omar has come a long way after learning everything from scratch on his own. By sharing his story he motivates us to go deep into the soul and hunt for a passion and live upto it.

Check out the artistic work of Omar Wysong on his Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/omar_wysong/?hl=en

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