Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop 1.0

Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop

Have you always dreamt of making beautiful and way tie and Dye Merchandise? But have always fallen short of information, material or resources?

Well, we get you! With Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, we give you a chance to have a hands-on learning of tie and dye techniques crafting fabrics the world celebrates!

Plapp’s Indigo Tie & Dye Workshop 1.0

In Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, you will learn how to create different patterns with Indigo Tie & Dye and make these classy cushion covers to bring a different element into your house decor!

Here is what we did in our previous workshop.

Phase-1 We gathered around 15 like-minded people and called them up at “THE TEASPOON GARDEN AND CAFE.”

Plapp Instructor
Plapp Instructor
Plapp Instructor Tie and Dye
Plapp Instructor Tie and Dye

PHASE-2 Our two formally trained TIE AND DYE instructors explained what is TIE and DYE, and the different patterns that could be made out of it.

Tie and Dye Technique
Tie and Dye Technique 1
Tie and Dye Technique 2
Tie and Dye Technique 2


Tie and Dye
Tie and Dye Technique 3
Tie and Dye Techniques
Tie and Dye Technique 4

PHASE-3 During Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, 5 different TIE and DYE techniques were taught to every individual.


PHASE-4 As the designs were ready, professional dyers and artists were there to help you INDIGO dye your fabrics.

And, the final results were no less than AMAZING!

Plapp Tie and Dye results

Plapp Tie and Dye
Work in Progress

Plapp Tie and Dye

Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop
Happy Face Spotted

And, at last, we also have our-


With this session, we help you know your peers, while we serve you with the best of delicious knick-knacks.

Plapp Ice break session

During Plapp Tie and Dye Workshop, all materials and refreshments included. Be it dyes, thread or tying materials, we provide you everything at the spot.

Plapp Tie and Dye
If you would also like to be a part of the workshop, join us for our another workshop happening this weekend, July’12 at Lumos Coco, Near Elante Mall, Chandigarh.

Register at now or Contact 9814312459 for any queries.



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