Plapp’s Watercolor Painting Workshop Version 1.0

Why pay for expensive paintings when u can paint yourself at Plapp’s Watercolour Painting Workshop for beginners!

We are all set to have Plapp’s Watercolor Painting Workshop Version 2.0, but let me walk you through what we had at Plapp’s Workshop Version 1.0. This  Water Colour Painting Workshop is sure to put the artist in you to work so that you create a lovely masterpiece for your decor!

Check out what you missed:

Let’s Say Hello To Our Instructor:

Plapp Watercolor Instructor
Plapp Watercolor Painting Instructor

The workshop started with the introduction round in which Team Plapp, participants, and instructors were introduced to each other. As the people were done with the introduction, the participants were given materials by the team, which were required to create the masterpieces:

  • Montval sheet
  • Watercolors, mixing pallete, brushes
  • Cardboard
  • Frame
  • And, a good vibe.

This  Water Colour Painting Workshop is sure to put the artist in you to work so that you create a lovely masterpiece for your decor!

Plapp watercolour painting workshop

Phase-1 (Strokes)

To start with, the instructor taught everyone the importance of strokes in the artwork. Why they were important and what do they reflect in a painting? Moreover, the required color consistency was also taught in the class.

Here is how strokes were taught to the participants:

Plapp Workshop
Strokes In Process

Plapp Events
Color Consistency In Process

Coloring In Process
Coloring In Process

Plapp watercolour workshop

Phase-2 (Ice-Breaker session)

Plapp believes in enriching lives and also help you connect with like-minded people. An ice-break session was conducted in which people shared smiles and came more to know about each other.

Plapp watercolour workshop
Ice-Breaker Session

And, as people were knowing each, the team made sure that everyone had their Pizza and a refreshing mojito.

Plapp Watercolor Event
Ice-Breaker Session

Phase-3 (Another Masterpiece Was Created)

Well, it ain’t over yet!

Plapp Watercolor 1.0
Work in Progress

There was another structure which was to be painted. During the painting of this structure, next level of strokes and shades were taught.

Plapp Watercolor Workshop

Created for beginners, this workshop will not only equip you with the basics of watercolor Painting but also make you feel that you can do it!

Final Results

Plapp Watercolor Workshop
Final Results Part-1
Plapp Workshop
Another One
Final Results Part-3
Fam Bam!

Get your friends along to experience the elaborate party that’s not just about food, but also about endless colors, ideas, and gossip!

Plapp Watercolor Painting Workshop
Plapp Watercolor Painting Workshop Version 2.0

Charges: Rs. 1200

Inclusions: All art material and unlimited snacks and beverages.

So leave your tensions at home, and indulge in this tasty therapeutic experience!

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