A renowned dentist turned designer, straight from Norway to Chandigarh, Harkiran Basra always honed a creative nature. At the tender age of just 16, she started designing her own clothes. An ambitious girl with certain goals to achieve, she moved from Norway to Poland to complete her dentistry. 

Stepping stones

Even though she was studying to be a dentist, her real passion always lay in designing. She learnt the ropes of designing via YouTube but there were roadblocks to cross. 

After completing her graduation she came back to Norway and worked for a while as a dentist. But a true lover of social media that she was, she started her own Instagram blog. Her sole purpose was to share the zest of fashion inside her. 

Destiny paves it’s own way

However destiny played it’s role and started paving Harkiran’s path as a designer itself. The outfits she designed for herself were acclaimed by numerous viewers, who asked her to design similar outfits for them. 

Minimalistic designs by Harkiran Basra. An infusion of happiness, elegance and sophistication

Soon through word of mouth and social media’s power, people started approaching Harkiran and that rang a bell inside her. She realised that she was stuck in an unhappy place and wasn’t moving forward. In that moment she resolved not to waste even a single minute doing what she didn’t really like doing. She quit her job of dentistry and decided to make a career out of designing. 

Every Rose has it’s thorn 

While making a career as a designer seemed daunting to her parents, her vision was clear. Harkiran endeavoured to bring the magic of understated elegance and class to city beautiful. Not having anything stable cushioning her, her parents were apprehensive about their daughter quitting a stable 9-5 job. But the fire inside her burned brighter than the fire around her.

Noo-Rani – An Ode to a regal Punjabi bride
Collection by Harkiran Basra


“Having one year to myself, in 2016 I shifted to India with vision in my eyes and passion in my heart”

She believed floodgates of what she could achieve had opened for her and ever since she has been making the most of every opportunity. 

Old school heritage bride by Harkiran Basra

Finding her own niche

The bridal designer, who’s famous for her customised outfits and “it’s all in the details” motto, believes there are no rules in fashion. For her fashion is a form of expression that adds finesse to one’s personality and brings out the confidence in them. 

“My ultimate goal is to channelise my passion to empower women and make them feel like the queens they are.”

Shying away from gold, Harkiran went for a tone on tone outfit, elegant ensemble worthy of a night time affair

Behind the inspiration of this successful designer, is her profound admiration for elegant simplicity that runs in the family. Her label has to it’s credit an array of accolades which makes it one of the most loved fashion label in the region. 

Rubina Bajwa in an outfit by Harkiran Basra http://www.plapp.in/blog

Parting words for upcoming designers

“My work has the capacity to pull me even on the lowest of the day. But the thing to remember is that it also taught me some important lessons, before it welcomed me with arms, wide open. So stop relying over immediate gratification and work towards long term goals and everything will fall in place on it’s own. ”

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