Art today has unique ways of transformation. With different types of art being practiced and appreciated artists leave no stone unturned when it comes to their hard work and passion. Doodle art is something that is being loved today for the innocence and colors that each piece showcases. Every individual yearns to have a look at the doodles and enjoys them. Some of such artistic works are also of Ronald whose art would not just make you start liking doodles but also its creativity and uniqueness.

The journey of an artist

He was born in China and emigrated to the US with his mom when he was just 3 years old. Being usually alone at home and having nothing to do Ronald ended but doing drawing while being alone. He began then and din’t look back till date. He says, “When I was about 17, I finally got a graphics tablet and started exploring digital art. After getting my tablet, it was like a whole new world of art has opened up to me. Ever since then I’ve kept drawing digitally and refining my skills as an artist.” 

Most of the doodles are colorful and easily help grab ones attention. The artwork by Ronald is of similar nature as he loves saturated colors and enjoys using them. He likes the color palettes which are with cool tones. The same is clearly visible in his doodles that are full of colors but soothing ones. He says, “I tend to gravitate towards palettes featuring lots of blue and some pops of warmer colors like red, pink, and orange. Sometimes I like to experiment with different color combinations and see what stands out to me. Those that I like, I will put them into my future works.”

 Apart from many doodles Ronald has also tried his hand in animations which helped him with the gif styled animations. While he was still in university he worked on traditional mediums like oil/acrylic painting, watercolor, sculpture, and chalk. Out of the mediums that he tried, it was acrylic painting and watercolor that he liked the most and would vouch back on them if he begins with traditional artwork any day.

Tips for young artists

Artists like Ronald are an example of true passion followers. He started with digital art with his inspiration Yuumei, a deviant art artist. He was floored with almost everything she created and indeed found his inspiration in her. He says, “I tried to emulate her style and colors. Of course, I was never able to come anywhere near her level of polish and skill, but that desire to draw just like her motivated me to become an artist.” While Ronald finds his motivation in an artist, he himself is an inspiration for many. Sharing his valuable tip for the young artists he says, “Never stop creating. That’s actually the one tip that has stayed with me the entire time I’ve been an artist. I’ve been able to polish my skills and work on something I love because I just never stop creating art. If you don’t stop creating, the rest of it comes along naturally.”  

A true artist inspires a lot of fellow artists and for himself leaves no stone unturned. With the soothing palette Ronald conveys a lot to the audience as his strokes speak for him. He on his own has come a long way with his passion for art with success all through.

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