“Create sculptures, meditate, improve as a master and learn new things.”

Many artists create art with pencil, while Salavat Fidai creates art on the lead of the pencil. 

Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

Drawing was something that came naturally to Fidai. His parents being artists, it was only natural for him to find love in Art. His artistic journey started with still life and landscape photography.

A new phase entered his life, when oil paints  started fascinating him. But somehow his quest to do something complex was still not fulfilled. His initial interest towards photography and oil painting already paved a way for him into the artistic field. 

Oil painting by Salavat Fidai

Salavat’s search for his muse ended when he stumbled upon miniature art. “Miniature art was something that enthralled me. This is how I started making miniature copies of famous masterpieces on pumpkin seeds and matchboxes.”


Masterpiece by Salavat Fidai on a matchbox

It wasn’t until the end of 2014 that he found his real fit. Graphite pencil rods became his newfangled interest and he decided to take the path that hadn’t been trudged. 

Salavat has to his credit an array of allocades which makes him one the most loved carving artists across the world. From rendering The Great Bell of London( Big Ben), Eiffel Tower to the Instrgram logo itself, there’s nothing he doesn’t love to master. 

Micro Sculptures by Salavat Fidai

“The process of craving on graphite is more like meditation to me. It makes me calm, level-headed and patient.” 

He and his knife, when brought together, create unimaginable incarnations. With 8-12 hours on each sculpture , he believes that he takes away experience and patience from it.

Pennywise’s sculpture by Salavat Fidai

The journey of this eminent artist is nothing short of whimsical and leaves a lasting impression on it’s viewers.  A prime example of work conceived with fire and executed with  calmness, Salavat is unstoppable with the uniqueness that he brings into this world.

His work makes us think beyond the ordinary, and find art in our mundane lives. 

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