Seeza Bhardwaj – PLAPP’s Featured Master in Chandigarh

Seeza Bhardwaj , an IT engineer, mother and founder of The Green Loom often looked at the world and wondered if this is the kind of place she’d want her child to live in. From a very young age Seeza rejected the materialistic greed that enveloped society and drove it towards a frenzy of wanting more and more.

She says,“ What people need to learn and accept is that whatever you have is enough for you.It wasn’t until I became a mother myself, when I realised I needed to give my child a planet and future he thanks me for. I firmly believe we owe everything to the environment and the least we can do is live in a way that’s eco-friendly and benefits both mankind and the environment. We need to introspect and think, will my child thank me for this world around him?”

The Green Loom is a brand that aims at providing quality , organic and eco-friendly products to their customers , directly from the nature’s bounty. The products range from organic and preservative free food items , re-cycled paper products, cold pressed oils and beauty products.

“I mean if we talk about beauty who knows it better than the Dadis and Naanis of the world? They’ve been beautiful long before chemicals and synthetic substances took over the field of beauty and cosmetology. I was very young , and i remember watching this movie , Naayak, and I know it sounds funny but that movie inspired me. Not to become the CM for one day of course but that one person can change the world if he sets his mind to it. You see one has to start small. One person taking up eco-friendly alternatives can have a huge impact going forward. Ignorance can’t be an excuse for not caring about the planet we live on!”

A Master’s Tip to all fellow learners – A small change can be more powerful than people think.