Fantasies make us dream big and beautiful. With no fancy stories to be shared every passionate artist has a beautiful and inspiration journey to learn from. While a few artists stick to their passion ever since the discovery, a few find them again. Zaneena Nabeel is one of those artists who found her passion of being an artist by heart.

The beginning of colorful passion

Zaneena Nabeel, always believes that art has an important role in the social development.

Art is a stress relief mechanism and I would escape myself into art when I’m stressed as it gives me immense happiness. It helps me calm down and speak to my inner spirit.

She started painting at a very tender age of 3 or 4 years. At that young age all that mattered was the happiness she got after painting. The hobby or an escape to happiness did not continue for longer and Zaneena started concentrating on her studies. Leaving behind a treasure she dint recognize early, it was few years back when her husband gifted her set of paint and brushes.

Going back to what she way passionate about ever since a child almost made her meet a long lost friend within herself. She started painting for endless hours and art again became a part of herself. She took her passion seriously this time and now she cannot think of a day passing by without dreaming about what to paint next! And that’s how ‘AurorabyZ’ was born.

My art career started during the end of 2017 when I got an opportunity to exhibit my paintings at Dubai Design District. And then I had the courage to post my paintings on Instagram, changed my private account to a public art account. I started getting recognized as an artist, people approached me for commissioned art works and gradually I embraced myself as an artist.

The transformation

Zaneena today has over 64,000 followers on Instagram and now wishes to be recognized as an artist more than an architect. She conducts local/international art workshops, teaches online on Skillshare (an online platform) where she has taught over 10,000 students. She also does brand collaborations, and is now experimenting all possible ways to develop as a career artist.

Zaneena thinks the colors in her paintings just express the person that she really is. 

I love to brighten up everyone’s day! Whether it’s the painting that I’m creating or the dress that I’m wearing, I love to spread good vibes through vibrant colours. I believe colors can bring so much of happiness and positivity – just trying my best to spread them through my paintings.

The climbing ladder

An experienced artist has lessons to share but has always learnt something from others. Just like Zaneena who believes that her hunger to learn new things is something that keeps her motivated. In 2016 she was part of Dubai StartUp Hub and was recognized as one among top 100 entrepreneurship ideas. This gave her a lot of confidence to turn the steering towards business, but it wasn’t giving the real happiness that she was looking for.

I have definitely learned a lot through networking and meeting successful entrepreneurs, I think all those lessons somehow help in my decision making. I don’t simply follow my heart; I follow it when my brain approves it (laughing).

Apart from her passion of painting Zaneena loves gardening. Her love for colors can be seen in her garden. She shares that her happiness doubles when there are new colorful flowers or leaves in her garden.

Every artist is an inspiration for the world.

INSPIRE is a great word, never in my wildest dream I thought I would become an inspiration to many out there. Still it feels like a dream. I’m really happy to know my work is inspiring so many to try out a new hobby or a career path. Every artist is unique, whether it’s the style or thought process or what they want to convey through their artwork. There are many artists whom I love, but when it comes to inspiration I go back to Mother Nature! Close your eyes and imagine of a rainbow dancing in the sky and showing off its 7 colors! You get the best inspiration from nature, I just look up to the sky. 

Tips for the artists

Sharing her tip with the world full of young artists Zaneena says, Have fun with your creativity and, really, do not worry about achieving perfection. Just make it for you and enjoy the process, don’t worry about anyone liking it. – This will be the perfect advice I can share. We are now living in a competitive world; there are many amazing artists out there. Never compare your works with any of them. Just compare yourself with what you were yesterday and what you have become today. Find joy in what you create and do it for you, not for the likes and followers!

Artist like her are indeed an inspiration for many of us. They motivate and inspire to do the best. Zaneena and many young artists like her have left no stone unturned in inspiring the lives of new and young artists who are on a lookout for a new way to their passion. With a long way to go they leave no stone unturned and inspires lives of others.

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