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Hosted By Natasha Sekhon
Goodwill infinity group s.c.o 16-17 first floor sector 9D, Chandigarh, Union territory, India

Working as a Psychologist cum family counsellor and a social activist under semi government central social welfare board
* Conducts workshops and interactive sessions on various mental health issues along with coping strategies at schools, colleges and different institutions.

Following is the brief of what is inculcated and practised by me on a professional front-
* Sprituality enhancer
*CBT practitioner
* Mindfulness practitioner
*Reiki practitioner
*EFT practitioner
* Aura sealing and cleansing

*stress management classes

* Angel therapy 

* Creating and enhancing Forgiveness and Gratitude 

04 AUG

Aura- it speaks for you before you do!

Goodwill infinity group s.c.o 16-17 first floor sector 9D, Chandigarh, Union territory, India

Rs 400.00/-

The aura has long been described as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people—like an egg-shaped ball of energy that encompasses the body.Each one of these subtle bodies that exists around the physical body has its own unique frequency. They also affect a person’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns, behavior, and overall health

#To keep it strong and cleansed from any outside negative factors, its essential to learn and practice Aura cleansing and sealing. 

#Under this event, you would be demonstrated to do the same.

#Identification of the size of your Aura would be a part .

#The techniques to strengthen ,enhance and  entact your aura would be taught,practised and felt at this event.

When we have a weak aura the outer energies affect us more.we find ourselves more than usual tired on a regular basis. We find ourselves at an extreme lack of motivation to get up and get things done, which often causes a number of difficulties in our professional as well as personal lives. When your aura is smaller and not sealed, We feel emotionally unstable and get affected by other people's energy around us.
Extreme emotions like getting anger or cry without having a strong reason emerge
We end up failing at tasks that are as simple as waking up on time, maintaining good health and feeling a sense of dissatisfaction, lack of confidence and fear that forecloses all the possibilities of enjoying life.

For the same reason, identification of the size of your Aura, cleansing, enhancing and sealing is important.

Under this workshop, you would be taken to the journey to your own Aura by first activating your 5 senses through "white light meditation".
After full awareness , the process of "identification of your Aura's size would initiate by sensing and identifying the frequencies between your palm.

Cleansing, enhancing and sealing would be done by the method "Aura realm". This method would help you to regain all the lost energies, remove all the emotional clutters you are carrying In your body and then seal the bright aura.
You would feel, lighter, happier and full of life once you're over with the workshop.
A mystical experience is waiting! Come, join in.


Come with a mind to learn and experience. Age group starting from 16 years to no limit.

Maximum limit 25 people

No cancellation before 48 hours of the event