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Panchkula ,

I am one of you with a keen desire to learn & explore new vistas of life. Being an army officer's wife , I have travelled far and wide, appreciating the oneness in humanity. A post graduate in literature brought my love for reading to the fore, helping me tap into the hidden gems of healing by touch. Being a sujok therapist has made me feel the energies in cosmos so precisely and simple healing methods make me marvel at nature again & again. I have been practing Sujok for over six years now along with an experience of running my own clinic at Lucknow. I am a certified reiki healer too. A mother and now a grandmother too, I enjoy meeting new people and learn and share with like minded.

04 JAN

Basic course in Sujok Therapy

Panchkula ,

Rs 5000.00/-

This course will make an individual heal oneself and others using basic teqniues of sujok. Sujok is a Korean methof of alternate healing and has healed many people completely of mental and physical ailments.

Attend full course with due attention. 

Chronic problems need longer time for healing.