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Hosted By Sumit Dhiman
Play ground , Sector 26 , Chandigarh, CH, India

A gentle man with kind  heart..

An engineer by profession and an artist by passion, i am a regular yoga practitioner have a deep faith in indian culture and philosophy with logic. Always try my best to pencil the imagination into a sketch. I use to draw my imagination on cars, clothes, canvas and walls apart from drawings on paper.I follow my heart over my brain but in a very disciplined way. 

Being from the beautiful city, all my drops of blood has a love for nature and try to make the nature more beautiful and make this world a better place to live. Lord Krishna, who possesses all 16 arts as per hindu mythology inspires me a lot to do for love, peace and prosperity of all human kind.

10 AUG

Basic Sketching Workshop

Play ground , Sector 26 , Chandigarh, CH, India

Rs 1200.00/-

Sketching workshop will help you progressively build skills as you begin with the fundamentals of sketching and go all the way to rendering and showcasing your sketches. Whether your are a design aspirant or just passionate about design sketching, from Sketching workshop learn unique techniques and methodologies that will set you on a journey towards sketching nirvana.


The goal is that you will leave the confidence and knowledge to continue to develop as a sketcher.


  • 6 Hours hands on workshop
  • Learn from 'the incredible artisan' faculty
  • Material provided
  • Learn in an artistic environment
  • Certificates to all participants