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Hosted By Surbhi Arora
Godrej Eternia Mall, Industrial Area Phase 1, Sector 7, Chandigarh, CH, India

Meet Surbhi Arora! She leaves a string of successful calligraphy and lettering workshops on her trail. This freelance calligraphy instructor's seamless and graceful lettering draws in from classic techniques and a unique spin of her own. Surbhi seeks to bring out the inherent charm of every letter and derives happiness to teach the same and spread smiles.

A Masters degree in mathematics will soon be a feather on her cap from Hindu College, Delhi University. Her abilities move beyond math and nestles rather harmoniously among the alphabet. Hence, both numbers and letters balance out her life. These ultimately lead to her typography masterclass which is certain to entice you to harness your inner letterati!


10 FEB

Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Godrej Eternia Mall, Industrial Area Phase 1, Sector 7, Chandigarh, CH, India

Rs 1400.00/-

This workshop is especially designed for beginners, who have no prior experience about using Brush pens, hence the workshop curriculum takes the participant from learning basic strokes to developing his own lettering style. 

Live demonstration of all the strokes and key brush movements that build the very structure of all the alphabets is given along with that, attention is paid that each participant gets a hang of the particular concept before we move forward.

The basic flow of the workshop is as follows -
1- Basic strokes
2- Lower case
3- Upper case
4- Writing Numbers
5- Word formation
6- Sentence formation
7- Blending colors in letters
8- Popping up letters
9- Giving Shadows to letters
10- Watercolor Background
11- Know your Brush pens 

Know your Brush pens is a special section in which the participants are told about all the different kinds of Brush pens available in the market and what are the best places to get them from, knowing this is very important as it enables the student explore the world of Brush Calligraphy which in turn helps him level up his skills. 




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