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Hosted By Shagun Aggarwal
178-178A, Purv Marg, Chandigarh, CH, India

Dreamcatchers is something which brings me peace and makes me calm. I am working on such kinda products which are made with hand and it has no shortcut. Peace comes when you use your energy and put yourself into activity which not only consumes your time but also you. 

I have been practicing dreamcatchers for one year and working on it make as beautiful and unique it can be. It is my passion to come up with totally new and different hand art as we are full of creativity. everyone has there own set of skills and they are blessed with that kind of patience also. It is only a matter of time we need to realize this. 

Starting dream catcher we may build that relation that everyone needs where you can feel free to share or keep those feeling aside for some time. 

25 MAY

Learn to catch dreams with Dream catchers

178-178A, Purv Marg, Chandigarh, CH, India

Rs 1500.00/-

Welcome Dream Catchers!
Come, learn to make dreamcatchers, and a myriad ways of decorating it!

In this workshop, you will learn

Basic web
Inserting beads to the web
Adding feathers below
Finishing of the web
It can be designed in many ways, so you will be given an introduction on how to make other beautiful designs. 

Takeaways- there will be a kit that will be provided to you, comprising of:

wooden frame- 8 inches
thread- I use a special thread for making the web so will be providing you the same.
feathers and beads for decoration
A beverage to sip

When - May 25 - 11AM
Brew Estate Elante Mall
Register Now @ PLAPP.in / 9814312459

Please register yourself asap as our wonderful instructor Shagun Agarwal would be getting your personalized kits!

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