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Hosted By Shivali Goyal
Panchkula, HR, India

Plapp is a platform created for people in all age groups to find their interest based activities around them to make good use of their time.

We believe that entertainment should be more than just spending time doing things that leave us feeling wasted, and as a brand we work our best to create handcrafted experiences that help you feel enriched.

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11 MAY

Refreshing Ice Creams - PLAPP's Ice Cream Making Workshop

Panchkula, HR, India

Rs 2000.00/-

"Hello, Summer. I am icecream!"
To make delicious and healthiest of icreceam blends, let's start with a class that

a. Gives you an approachable quick start method to help you start making your own ice cream.
b. Dives into the science of icecream by discussing how it forms, how air and sugar affect the texture and flavor, and how you can manipulate those to create the of icecream of your dreams.

We'll cover
- Pistachio Flavor
- Bubblegum Flavor
- Magnam Chocolate Ice cream Bars
- Caramel Banana Ice cream

Why is this class special?
We won't use any artificial flavoring, colors or preservatives, and would be adding pre-biotic fibers into the ice cream.

Don't know about pre-biotics? Read on..
Probiotic bacteria in supplements are only effective if they are alive. They can be killed by heat, stomach acid, or simply die with time.
In addition, since hundreds of types of probiotics are available, it is hard to determine which strains are beneficial for our unique systems.
Pre-biotic Fiber bacteria are the fertilizers that nourishes the beneficial bacteria already in the gut and inhibits the growth of undesirable microbes.