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Hosted By Dhritikana Nath
178-178A, Purv Marg, Chandigarh, CH, India

I am a Watercolor Artist at Heart n Soul. Watercolors are my ADDICTION and they call me to explore the beautiful WORLD even more. Colour and Coloue combinations and their final outcome is something that always excites me. I have even learned in my journey to make realistic paintings which is well balanced and has accurate perspective. 

06 APR

Vibrant Skies by Dhriti

178-178A, Purv Marg, Chandigarh, CH, India

Rs 1600.00/-

Watercolor Vibrant skies along with a beautiful polaroid painting. 

What all we learn:

1. Know your Brushes and colours

2. Values of watercolours and its application

3. Wet on wet technique

4. Vibrant skies

5. Night sky - Desert 

6. Bonus lesson - Demo of how to directly paint from a photo.

Requesting all the people to come on time to the venue.