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Chand Bhajan Singh
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My name is Chand Bhajan Singh... and I’am a certified professional Kundalini Yoga instructor hailing from Vancouver, Canada... Im Travelling through India for two months and plan on conducting a few workshops before I go back... 

kundalini is essentially the primal energy that is located at the bottom of our spine...  

kundalini yoga uses regular practice of various asanas, Pranayama (breathing), meditation  and chanting of mantras to particularly awaken this kundalini energy..it is a wonderful experience...

I look forward to sharing the blissful experience of kundalini yoga and meditation to promote mental and physical health.



Things I Love

This form of yoga Is the yoga for consciousness.. I will be briefing about the various kundalini techniques to control our minds in different stressful situations in our daily lives..

We will be chanting mantras in melodious tunes to help us spiritually connect to the universe

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