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Dr Anubhuti Sharma
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Dr Anubhuti Sharma is a Doctorate in Psychology with over 5 years of experience. She is a Consultant Counseling Psychologist and a certified Reiki practitioner and Energy Healer. She has been a Master Teacher Trainer WITH CAER (a PPP between CBSE and Pearson education). She has been associated with the Sahayta Foundation for the counselling of Cancer suffering children and their families. She has conducted numerous workshops and made presentations at various national and international conferences and seminars. Her aim is to make mental health and well-being a priority and remove the stigma attached to it. 

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Counseling is imperative at all ages and stages of life today - be it at the childhood level or the adolescent level (children's and adolescent counselling), or at the job or corporate level for issues like stress and depression;or pre marital and post marital /family counselling. In fact it is extremely important at the retirement age or old age. Counselling has become a basic necessity of today's day and age!

Making teachers empowered with dealing with children and their issues related to education, assessment and life skills

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karan Dev Sharma

Dr. Anubhuti is one of the best psychologists we have around. One very understanding, friendly counsellor who hears your concern patiently and then strengthens you reach the path of relaxation with her guidance. It's amazing she is holding this 'open for all' workshop, a great opportunity for everybody to benefit!

gurneet sagoo

I had the chance to learn meditation from ma’am. My life has changed miraculously ever since then. I’m so thankful and grateful to have come across such a beautiful soul.


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