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Jaspreet kaur
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I am Jaspreet , a resident of Mohali. I love to meet new people, reading and writing is my passion. I have great experience of training people of all age groups and help them in personality development. I have done B.com, MBA in HR and i have done A2 level of french language. Also i am.UGC qualified in HR subject. I am working in a govt. Department but want to do more creative things to explore the god gifts I have and help others too, to make them find their own :-)

Things I Love

I can teach till intermediate level that is A1 and A2. These days learning language is very much in trend because people are moving to different countries and to know one new culture always start from language and in tricity mostly people are moving to canada or Usa. So french is very useful for those moving to canada or any other european countries. Secondly, learning another language is always fun, it sharpens our mental skill more and make us more unique from crowd

My classes aim to help person in overall development through reading writing, role playing. All this will help us in better awareness about the person and about others as well. 1. Lettering your imagination. 2. Learn how to express. 3. Vocab build. 4. Sentence formations 5.Presentation skills. 5. Brainstorming discussions 6. Working on confidence Building. 7. Communication skills. 8. Decision Making skills. 9. Daily habit improvment skills. 10. Time.management skills.

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