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Kanica Kaur
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I define myself as a  Creative person - A Cake Designer. My passion for baking began with making Cupcakes for my kids about a decade ago and continues strongly as I perfect myself each day --- for me one has never learnt enough in life .

Creating is like nurturing, the more attention you pay towards minute details the better results you achieve.I not only provide incredible experience for one's taste buds but also ensure that the best quality ingredients are used in my baked products with minimal preservatives after all purity is all that matters in todays adulterated World..

Cake decorating is much more than simply making a delicious cake -- it involves a lot of careful, systematic planning,with detail- oriented vision before you can craft a gorgeous Cake. While many of the cake decorating techniques can be taught and learned. To be a cake designer, artistic abilities and patience are must.

Things I Love

The entire process of Baking,Planning,Designing,Decorating makes me extremely satisfied and happy.It gives me a sense of achievement Some studies show Baking can be helpful in fighting anxiety and I truly believe it. Money can't buy you happiness but Baking can. My classeswill helps the beginners learn how to do things the right way. I would love to share my decorating techniques and tried and tested recipes with everybody who is passionate about baking.

Candle Making, Fairy Garden, Crafted Jars, other Art Techniques

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Simmy Dhaliwal Khosla

She pours all her heart into the cakes no matter whoever she is making it for... amazing to look at and even better to taste... try it to experience the excellence...


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