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Natasha Sekhon
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Working as a Psychologist cum family counsellor and a social activist under semi government central social welfare board
* Conducts workshops and interactive sessions on various mental health issues along with coping strategies at schools, colleges and different institutions.

Following is the brief of what is inculcated and practised by me on a professional front-
* Sprituality enhancer
*CBT practitioner
* Mindfulness practitioner
*Reiki practitioner
*EFT practitioner
* Aura sealing and cleansing

*stress management classes

* Angel therapy 

* Creating and enhancing Forgiveness and Gratitude 

Things I Love

Helps the clients to understand stress through activities and how to cope by learning how to practice mindfulness

This method helps the clients to identify , enhance ,cleanse and seal their vibrations/aura making them emotionally stronger and removing any emotional clutter.

Helps the clients to learn and heal themselves with the traditional method of palm /hand healing. Its taught to the clients which they can practice even at their homes.

The clients are helped the techniques to enhance forgiveness and gratitude, helping them to live a happier and satisfied life.

The clients are taught to use and also are demonstrated as to how this therapy can benefit them to convert their irrational thoughts into rational ones for a life without overthinking and additional stress

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