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Ravleen Ahuja
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Hello everyone! I am Ravleen, a self taught makeup artist. It’s been an year that i stepped into this profession and since then I’ve done bridal makeups and portfolio shoots for people. I don’t believe in buying high-end products as of now because once you learn the art, you can use anything to create it. I’ve a mixture of products from different brands in my vanity and everyone for whom I’ve worked has loved it. If you’re looking forward to the best makeup and workshops on a budget, then feel free to come up to me!

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Makeup is just creativity on your face. It is an art and once you learn, only practice can make you perfect. I know everybody says, being in your own skin is beautiful but sometimes you do need to enhance your own skin when it’s ocaasions. So here i am to teach you the best way to enhace your beauty into gorgeousness!

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