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Shana Kaur
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Hello!! I’m Shana Kaur. I’m a Makeup Artist and Stylist. For me, makeup artistry is “painting on living canvas”. In makeup artistry , no face is exactly like another. This is what makes it so beautiful and exciting. What is true beauty? True beauty is defined within ourselves, Makeup is just an extra boost of the confidence we already have !!  I specialise in neutral glam , special events and weddings.
My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I can do it , my way of thinking is that I take both success and failure in a balanced manner.

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My workshop is aimed at educating in simple, quick and effective techniques to help you look your best. I believe that when one looks at a face, one should notice the face, not the makeup. Makeup should be there to enhance the face, not to cover it. It should bring out its best features and make the most of it. “I hope to simplify your beauty regime “

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