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Manveen Kaur
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Hobby in a Box is a high-energy creative firm offering activities, using Art of Therapy, which not only brings people face to face, allowing them more time to CREATIVELY socialize with their peers but also synergizes the COLLABORATION.


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Our art-based workshops are not only essential for health and well being but also align the participants with a creative solution-oriented approach which often proves beneficial for the growth and success of the individual, the team and the organization as a whole. Our workshops: - Conceptualized and Customized to suit corporate needs. - Promote creativity at the workplace. - Build interaction between the team members. - Enhance team bonding, change management, trust building and decision making. - Promote creative thinking, induction and effective communication development. - Cater to various creative domains to suit different corporate and personal themes such as women’s day, festivals,kids day at work, etc.

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