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Shagun Aggarwal
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Dreamcatchers is something which brings me peace and makes me calm. I am working on such kinda products which are made with hand and it has no shortcut. Peace comes when you use your energy and put yourself into activity which not only consumes your time but also you. 

I have been practicing dreamcatchers for one year and working on it make as beautiful and unique it can be. It is my passion to come up with totally new and different hand art as we are full of creativity. everyone has there own set of skills and they are blessed with that kind of patience also. It is only a matter of time we need to realize this. 

Starting dream catcher we may build that relation that everyone needs where you can feel free to share or keep those feeling aside for some time. 

Things I Love

skill to learn this is patience as in the start you may not get the results but in the end, with practice, you can have a wonderful product. I started making this to have my peace and spend my extra time with some creativity. Now I am working into this community and there are many who help me too to enhance my creativity.

I have learnt this recently. This is again a hand art. It is a very unique concept of decorating your home and make it cozier. It is made of cotton ropes which is available online in different colors. This is also as engaging as dreamcatchers.

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