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RoSa Artistry
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RoSaArtistry is a Delhi based Art and Craft Events Organiser with workshops on a PAN India basis through its diverse and extremely skilled group of artists who expertise in different fields.


Things I Love

Resin is a two part compound that hardens to a clear glossy finish. You can add paints to the resin, or paint something and then pour resin over it to create the finish. All of our paintings are done on Wood or MDF boards. Painting like this is very messy and wet and you have to work under some time constraints.

Dot Paintings are now internationally recognized as unique and integral to Australian aboriginal art.The simple dot style maybe beautifully aesthetic to the eye but has a far more hidden meaning and deeper purpose: To disguise the sacred meanings behind the stories.Aboriginal artworks painted in acrylic are a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary. The dot techniques give the painting an almost 3-D effect and a sense of movement and rhythm.

The intriguing factor in this art form is how a simple coffee concoction is used to derive different tones, get various patterns in place and finally it sums up into an artwork. The workshop will show you how coffee can be used to create anything you desire from abstracts, graphics, and landscapes to even figurines!

We have always had a strong liking for the traditional Mud mirror work originated from Kutch, Gujarat.How about together we make this scintillating mural with a contemporary twist using shilpkar clay and adding a colour pop to it.To enhance its beauty , we’ll let the mirrors do the talking.

String art or Pin and Thread art is characterized by an arrangement of colorful threads strung between nails hammered into a wooden base to make the cutest of home decor.

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