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Shraddha Tomar
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I am Shraddha Tomar, an alumna of NIFT Kolkata and NID Gandhinagar. I am a lifestyle accessory designer by profession. My job involves designing objects of daily use eg. personal accessories, home accents & soft furnishings. As we all have interests that make life easier and fun , mine is sketching & painting. It relieves the mind of stress, monotony and also nourishes the soul.

I have conducted workshops before which include a workshop on Home Decor at Dept of Fashion Technology, Allahabad University, "Clay Faces" workshop at Balbhawan, Jaipur, "Print & Paint" workshop in Chandigarh. I feel its always very fulfilling to share knowledge and give masses a fresh perspective to look at things. 

Its always fun to create art !



Things I Love

Its a smart way to make beautiful paintings without even using a pencil. When we learn this way, we can personalize objects we have in our homes and can have some personal touch added to our home spaces!

Its interesting to work with clay, the knowledge of material handling can help in using the skill for making DIY decoratives and jewellery later on.

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