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Surbhi Arora
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Meet Surbhi Arora! She leaves a string of successful calligraphy and lettering workshops on her trail. This freelance calligraphy instructor's seamless and graceful lettering draws in from classic techniques and a unique spin of her own. Surbhi seeks to bring out the inherent charm of every letter and derives happiness to teach the same and spread smiles.

A Masters degree in mathematics will soon be a feather on her cap from Hindu College, Delhi University. Her abilities move beyond math and nestles rather harmoniously among the alphabet. Hence, both numbers and letters balance out her life. These ultimately lead to her typography masterclass which is certain to entice you to harness your inner letterati!


Things I Love

Teaching Brush Calligraphy Basics is a three hour process after that with further investment by the leaner and a few hours of regular practice can give perfection and the desired skill. Calligraphy is the art of creating beautiful letters, and Brush Calligraphy as the name suggests involves use of 'Brush Pens' for the same. In the Brush Calligraphy Basics workshop, the main objective is to teach the students how to use the brush pens properly. Brush Calligraphy forms the foundation of other forms of calligraphy, like copperplate calligraphy and faux calligraphy. And, learning brush calligraphy also helps in designing cards for all occasions and other customized stuff like notebook covers or posters. Apart from that, Brush calligraphy has a very therapeutic effect on the Brain and acts as a stress buster too.

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