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Sudiksha Gulati
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My name is Sudiksha Gulati, a 22 y/o girl working towards my dreams. I was passionate about arts since forever.. Its not just my passion but my life?. I love to learn new things.. I did a diploma in fine arts. Then i got to know this amazing world of calligraphy and decided to learn this art. I first learnt italics, then brush calligraphy and then copperplate script. There is something about calligraphy that i cannot explain. Its really soothing and relaxing.. You are lost in your own world. I started my calligraphy journey about an year ago and i am still working on mastering my skills..


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Calligraphy is the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen or brush.. Calligraphy is like a meditation, you are completely lost in it.. It helps you relieve stress It strengthens your muscles in your hands It’s a skill that can beautify almost anything (from writing cards to decorating your notebook) It trains your mind to be focused It may improve your drawing skills And amazingly its really fun doing it..!!

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